and bioinspiration to learn and emulate how Nature works and apply its strategies to our socioeconomic model

Build a better world through observation, understanding and integration of the biological strategies of the natural world


Let us learn and imitate the strategies used by living species, tested after 3.85 billion years of research and development of Life’s own experience, which shows us what works and lasts.


Biomimicry can help provide context for where, how, what and why Nature fits into the process of any discipline.


Biomimetic thinking is a complex process that combines design (Design Thinking), systemic vision and sustainability principles that promote disruptive creativity from bioinspired solutions.


Biomimicry to create healthy and safe products, processes, and systems under new operating methods that solve the most significant design challenges sustainably and in solidarity with all Life on Earth.


Apply this knowledge to any project, from social innovation to transportation, engineering, health or education itself.


Biomimicry provides us with methodologies and strategies to reformulate the human presence on Earth in a sustainable and regenerative way where we fit in and share the resources of our only home.


Integrate and apply biomimicry in your professional environment. It energizes work groups while people learn and unite in transversal ways—design inspired by the experience of Nature.

Get a Game of 48 Biomimetic Cards translated into English to energize your classes, sessions, etc. and deepen your understanding of how Nature can inspire you. The Set also includes examples of companies and market products inspired by biomimicry.

The Biomimetic Card playing Set is printed to order through a local printing company, avoiding excessive use of resources. The materials present a certification that meets standards that respect biodiversity. This system is more expensive than a conventional one, requiring higher production.

Let me know if you know of any other greater greener or regenerative certification.


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The mussel’s byssus has inspired the creation of the first wood adhesive formaldehyde-free, Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) that are dangerous and toxic for health.

Spirals and their three-dimensional representation in vortices are recurring shapes in Nature, inspiring numerous efficient products in the energy sector. In this case, this rotor of just 15 cm is capable of moving several million litres with very little energy consumption.

The textile sector alone pollutes a colossal percentage of global clean water. Numerous animal and plant species produce vivid colours without pigments and toxins. Structural colour is how Nature makes colour and is already applied in fabrics, architecture, bills, cosmetics, etc.

Superhydrophobicity is a widespread characteristic in Nature for efficient water management. Like numerous organisms, humans must face the challenges this fundamental element of Life will require in the coming years.

Nature defends itself against pathogens in multiple ways that keep the diseases and problems they cause at bay. Now, we can apply some of these principles to agriculture effectively, without collateral damage and keeping surrounding ecosystems healthy.

Releaf-paper is the first company to use fallen leaves from city trees to produce a wide range of cellulosic-based products. Significant reduction in carbon emissions with an enormous potential for development and expansion, local production and elimination of the practice of burning for disposal. Zero waste emulates Nature, where the concept of garbage does not exist.


PBE (from the Spanish Planeta Biomimetico España) was born to support the indigenous peoples of the Colombian Amazon Trapeze with broad lines of work that range from the aquaculture sector to ethnic-ecological and scientific tourism under the objectives of Sustainable and Regenerative Development.

Its main objective is also to become a strategic reference instrument for promoting, projecting and disseminating biomimicry as a differential value of sustainable innovation through numerous activities, including training or entrepreneurship in developing areas.

In this project, we see biomimetics’s practical and tangible applications in everyday Life. Follow the link to see the complete project (in Spanish).

Están apostando por la biomimesis en sus procesos:

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